Evolve Past Your emotions

  • On 30 Mei 2019
Evolve Past Your emotions
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What if our emotions hold us back from what we want to achieve, or from who we could be? We all know how stress, fear and doubt can dominate, control and paralyse us. We’ve all been there: trembling hands, sweating palms, racing heart, a blackout… Our nerves can get the best of us in unusual situations, but do they even control us on a subtler, subconscious level?

Yes, absolutely they do. We can have stress without realising it. We can be afraid without feeling it. And we can be insecure while appearing confident and cool.
The reason we are not aware of these emotions is because our brain has found a way to deal with them – or rather, to not deal with them 😛 – by ignoring and escaping them through distraction. And if our world has become good at anything at all in the last decades, it is in providing distraction!

If you’ve ever delayed your plans and decisions by, say, watching cat videos, scrolling on Facebook, reading a news item (or ten), or catching up on your favourite series, you know exactly what I mean. Distraction has become a welcome means to escape responsibility and progress, which often come with change and stress. There is just one problem: you can’t really escape your responsibilities. Deny them or delay them all you want, but in between distractions they will be right there: lingering in the back of your mind, staring and whispering at you, keeping you up at night if they have to. Their voices get louder over time, and each day it gets harder to ignore them.

Now if you are straight and honest with yourself, which responsibilities have you been avoiding? How many days have passed since you should have done that, told her this, or made that decision? How long since you made real measurable progress? What was the last time a dream came true and you felt deeply fulfilled?
Emotions like fear and doubt used to protect us from danger and keep us safe. Now they keep us from evolving past our known limitations, by preventing us from taking action where action is needed. But each of us can learn how to control them. Those who do evolve faster than anyone else. They enjoy life like no one else. And they achieve things most can only dream of.


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